One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Delivers Important Message at Career Fair


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning reported on the company’s Nov. 27, 2015, participation in a career fair held at the Olympic High Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina. While there, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning experts spoke to over 100 students about the great and growing need for trained, qualified HVAC technicians. With many of those present not even realizing that attending trade school was an option, the One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning presentations proved to be productive and enlightening, particularly given the challenges many students will face as they prepare to graduate from high school.

“We’re happy to report that we spent an incredibly rewarding day at Olympic High Schools career fair not long ago,” One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning General Manager Paul Stefano said, “We enjoyed meeting all the positive, ambitious students there, and we think we really opened many eyes to some incredibly opportunities that lie before them. With unprecedented demand for skilled HVAC technicians and plenty of room for advancement, a standard four-year college degree is far from the only option. We hope that the bright students we met at the career fair will benefit from the advice and information we provided.”

Over the last quarter of a century, enrollment in four-year undergraduate institutions in the United States has increased by nearly fifty percent, with costs of attendance likewise skyrocketing. Many have come to think of a four-year degree as a basic requirement for access to career opportunities that can lead to the middle-class lifestyle so many Americans aim for. At the same time, many students today graduate burdened with debts that will take them decades to pay off even as they find limited job prospects before them.

At the recent career fair at Charlotte’s Olympic High School, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning helped students see the worth and availability of another important option. With heating and cooling companies around the country struggling to find the trained employees they need and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a further 14% growth in demand over the next decade, becoming an HVAC technician can be an accessible, rewarding way of launching into a stable career filled with potential.

Instead of needing to cough up tens of thousands of dollars for four-year degrees that may never pay off, those training to become HVAC technicians spend far less time in the classroom and more time practicing their trade. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning itself, in fact, offers a 16-week program that puts students on the path to becoming HVAC technicians. In order to ensure that the most qualified and dedicated prospects enroll, regardless of their ability to pay, the company does not even charge tuition, providing an incredibly accessible alternative to the options that many students today feel forced into.

With many of today’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning managers having started as technicians themselves, choosing this path can also be a great way of securing real opportunities for further growth and advancement. Having informed students at the career fair of the attractiveness and practicality of this career option, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning invites anyone interested to get in touch using the contact details listed at More information about One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning’s services can be found at

About One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning:
One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is a HVAC Repair company in Charlotte, North Carolina.   One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning provides Ac repair and Heating repair services to the greater Charlotte area.   One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning is the Charlotte area’s leading air conditioning and heating installation, maintenance, and repair company.


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Advantages of LED Rope Lighting for Your Home

LED strobe lights are a string of light lamps arranged in series connection. These diodes come in a variety of colors, which means they can be used to produce various colors of light as well. The round transparent, flexible plastic housing for these lights protects the lamps and wiring. These lights are normally sold as a string or you can have bespoke ones that you can use as a single lamp.

The following article offers major benefits of LED strobe lights that you should consider when shopping for one.

LED strobe lights are a lot safer to use. Contrary to traditional light bulbs, LED strobe lights produce low amounts of heat regardless of the amount of time they are used. In addition, you are less likely to experience a fire in your home when you use LED lights compared to incandescent light bulbs. In addition, if you are living in an area where you need to use a cooling system for your home due to high temperatures in the area, LED rope lights will help you mitigate your electricity costs.

Traditional light bulbs are made of materials that break with ease especially when exposed to shock and vibration hence they are highly inappropriate to some set of applications. However, LED strobe lights are durable considering most are made with a tough plastic covering. The outer coverings of LED lamps are also durable since they are made of tough plastic and unlikely to succumb to damage caused by vibration. Although incandescent light bulbs are cheap, LED light bulbs are more cost effective especially in the long run since they can be used for a longer duration of time.

LED strobe lights are also environmentally friendly. The reason being, these light bulbs do not contain harmful toxins such as lead or mercury found in incandescent light bulbs. Once the LED strobe lights have outlived their use, you can apply them to other uses.

As compared to incandescent light bulbs, LED rope lights last more hours. While good quality LED strobe light bulbs are likely to last 50,000 hours, incandescent light bulbs can only last 2,000 hours of use. In terms of years, good quality LED lights may last up to 15 years of use with a daily usage of 8 hours every day. However, if you use incandescent light bulbs the same way, you will only end up replacing your bulbs numerous times in that duration.

Another unique benefit of LED strobe lights is the fact that you can use them for decorating your home since they come in a wide range of colors. In that case, when you decide to sell the home, the buyer will be convinced with ease that the house is deserving of the price due to the decorations.


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Make the Most of Your Lighting

Whether you realize this right now or not, you should make sure that in the near future you understand that your home is a sanctuary, and that it should be a place that you can escape to at the end of the day. Many people do not see that value in a very clean home, and they neglect it until the stress builds up and they cannot handle living in that space any longer. Your home can be a place that you can distress and completely forget about the rest of the world if you just put in the right work right now, but you have to fully commit to it. There are many different elements that go into transforming your home, but you have to start with the basics, and the basics would have to find the right home products and services company to get you the right stuff. In the end, if you can find the right company to supply you, you can end up completely changing YOUR world.

The first thing that any person should realize when they are looking into these businesses is that there are some bad companies out there right now, and they are just looking to make a quick buck off of you. It is no secret that a company is only as good as its customers are happy, and that is exactly why you need to make sure your next move is to look online for the best companies in the industry. One of the staples in the new age of lighting is the new LED light strips that are sweeping the nation, so make sure the company you are looking for has these strips and that they are of the best quality. These new LED lights are worth mentioning because they complete a sanctuary and make it look incredible, but you have to make sure you are fully invested in them. These lights might end up costing you a pretty penny up front, but this will quickly pay off because they last a very long time and are energy efficient.

These LED lights can improve the look of anyone’s home, but you have to make sure you thoroughly look into the other aspects of the products and services company you are going into business with. Yes, it might end up taking you some time right now in order to find the best company in the business, but it will pay off years down the road when you have a lot more money in your pockets. You can get the beautiful home that you have always dreamed of, but you need to get the right home products and services company on your side!


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Why Property Owners Should Call Home Restoration Service Providers

What would you do if your property is impacted either by fires, floods or molds? Should you be among these people, then you surely are perplexed as to how you can resolve these issues, right? Well, the best resolution for this problem is to hire the expert services of home restoration services. In case you are curious on who they are and how they can service your home, then continue reading this article.

Try to imaging a house that is tremendously damaged either by floods or fire. Majority of the assets and things found inside your property will surely be damaged. In reality, there are some properties which cannot be restored while some can be totally restored. For those who experienced this problem, then they should not waste time to call the home restoration service providers. These tradesmen furnish services like restoration and protection of all the properties found inside your home. The services of these tradesmen are not just concentrated in the restoration of items damaged by calamities but they also have the talent in providing protection to your house as well.

What Are the Professional Services Provided by Home Restoration Companies?

These are the professionals who are skilled and experienced in cleaning, restoring and protecting properties and assets impacted by calamities like floods, fires and molds. These companies housed skilled technicians and tradesmen who are experienced not just cleaning the debris left by floods, fires and molds but also in removing the molds growth from properties as well as in restoring these damaged properties. Although, property owners can purchase and replace damaged properties with newer ones, it is not practical and not all of them have enough money to acquire these things. That is why, most of the property owners opted to call these tradesmen to help them. Moreover, it is risky to deal with these materials as you will put yourself at risk of accidents, injuries or diseases.

When to Call Home Restoration Service Providers?

Property owners should call these tradesmen when their properties are damaged by molds, fires and floods. These are the issues that are devastating to properties. These situations should not be delayed or else you will put the health and safety of all members of the family at risk. If you want quality service, then be sure to pick only experienced and the best home restoration service providers you can find in the market. Be sure to choose only the most credible and experienced home restoration service providers you can find in the marketplace.


How to Plan a Rewarding Kitchen Upgrade

People aren’t turtles, thus it can’t be declared that we tend to have our houses on our backs, but ask almost any female of the home and the girl will explain it exactly how it is: that is definitely just how important our homes are. In lots of ways, our homes really are our shells. Houses are our own shelter from all the rest of the world, the place in which we retire when we feel fatigued, ill, depressed, or even to slumber, celebrate, plus perform the business of day-to-day dwelling. As a result, once we invest time to commit to home remodeling philadelphia, it’s a big issue. The truth is, it is extremely much an commitment in self! This is why it is so vital that you get it right.

Essentially the most preferred parts of your home to transform is usually the kitchen space. Home owners have a tendency to invest more money kitchen remodeling philadelphia than just about any other home remodeling endeavor. The reason why is much more than clear: kitchen areas usually are the heart of your home, especially when you have family members to consider. Furthermore, kitchen remodeling Philadelphia is an excellent selection for redecorating. The most recent statistics available reveal that when a residence is bought, it normally recoups almost three fourths of the cost of the actual remodel.

It’s really a tad bit overpowering when you’re getting into cooking area redecorating, and therefore, it’s actually a good plan to be aware what you may anticipate, and just what you can apply so that the endeavor is successful. To get started, make use of a competent kitchen remodeling cottage industries company with good skills in communicating and a great deal of experience. Having a person you trust to take on the responsibility and head up the actual process and also who can answer your questions making wise suggestions is usually crucial. Approach your undertaking written down long in advance, thinking about traffic patterns, ergonomics, and also prices. Buy your accessories plus home equipment beforehand, choose your current colors and ceramic tile whilst keeping the notes jointly in a sole location. Additionally, quality actually matters. Whether or not you intend to sell during the near long term future, or even dwell in your house for the rest of your daily life, you will never regret the choice to work with better quality components and your own house will be the much more beautiful because of it.